How to make curls look photo

If you want to wind your hair, you want beautiful hair, there is not that easy to do it. You have obtained a slightly curled hair. For this you do not have curling irons and ironing. Take a look at our blog.

And so we go.

Steep tufts of hair

  1. Wetting the hair with water
  2. We need soba our hair in a ponytail, as in the photo
  3. Be sure to twist the tail of our
  4. Unwound them in a bundle as in the photo and fasten eg pin
How to make curls
How to make curls

We are waiting for 5-8 hours, then take out the pin, unwinding our tail

We beat our beautiful curls and treat all hairspray

And here we have a very beautiful curls. Simple and beautiful!

How to make curls
How to make curls