Back to the roots Heidi Klum’s hair are again darkened the haircut is short and Practically

Heidi Klum’s latest: Bob. The top model is in danger of the trend haircut of the season and reached for the scissors. © DUKAS / X17

Heidi Klum shorthair

Huch had, you still knowthat Heidi THEREFORE features a short Bob wore?

Heidi Klum hairstyles for shoulder length hair blond smooth

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GNTM Kim dissed Heidi Klum: Job doldrums Because makeover?

Because Heidi Klum Kim had to leave many centimeters of her long mane.

Back to basics: Heidi Klum’s hair has turned darker again, the haircut is short and practical. In modeling business she belongs now to

Heidi Klum (42): shorthair are not a must, but the styling shoulderstand

Heidi Klum seem the feelings of Their candidates to care

Star Hairstyles: your hair carries Heidi by downgraded long. Ran ran thus, it can shut

Heidi Klum’s first words about Larissa |

Star Hairstyles: Mogt her hairstyle? This asks Heidi Klum slightly ironic Their

I was orientate myself in your place of Heidi Klum. The way she carries it in the current season, gefallts me well.

Heidi Klum The supermodel at the Golden Globes 2017 Photo: Getty

GNTM: Does Heidi Klum favorite Kim with the short haircut filthy career?

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